Pre-order School Pictures – 2023

Pre-order school pictures in three easy steps by using the menu items at the top of the page. Once you’re done with the checkout, you’ll receive an email confirming your order. There’s no need to send your confirmation receipt to school with your child. I’ll match up your order with your child. Call or text me at 507-283-4325 with questions.

You can download the Elementary School order form here.

You can download the High School/Middle School form here.

You can download the Preschool order form here.

You can download just the order form and backgrounds here.

  • Elementary School: Tuesday, September 19
  • High School and Middle School: Wednesday, September 20
  • Discovery Time Preschool: Tues & Wed, September 26 & 27
  • Retake day: Tuesday, October 24


Jim Juhl
Owner, Myhre Studio and Myhre Sports Photos

Step 1 – Choose your background.

There are 21 backgrounds to choose from. Background F1, Grey Masters, is the default, no-charge background. Backgrounds F2-F25 are an additional $2. All your pictures will have your chosen background.

Step 2 – Choose your package

There are six standard packages to choose from and a Build Your Own Package option.

Step 3 – Choose Add-On Items

There are lots of add-on items that range from individual prints, jewelry, keychains, to metal desk prints. You can also add retouching to your photos.

Ready? Click here to choose your background.