Schedule School Pictures at Myhre Studio

School pictures are available at Myhre Studio for virtual students and students who are unavailable on picture day. Dates are Thursday, September 24 and Friday September 25. Retake day is scheduled for Tuesday, October 27 at the school.

Click on the box below to schedule your school picture time at Myhre Studio. If you are scheduling 1-3 children from the same family, please use one 10 minute slot. More than 3 children from the same family, please use two 10 minute time slots.

Myhre Studio is located at 125 East Main Street in Luverne, two doors down from Wildflowers Coffee Boutique. You can arrive a few minutes early and wait in the front room of the studio or when you get parked downtown, send me a text at 507-283-4325 and I’ll let you know when I’m ready for you.

Picture day tips:
Solid tops photograph better than patterns or shirts with lettering or bold logos. Retouching that fixes facial blemishes is available as an add-on.

Please call or text at 507-283-4325 if you have any questions.